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Which brand of Microcement is the best?

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Which brand of Microcement is the best?

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¿Qué marca de microcemento es la mejor?

Microcement is not a product, but a concept with some defined characteristics. It’s a decorative coating without joints, applicable over any surface. 

There is an idea that comes from lack of knowledge of the product that all the microcement on the market is the same and that is a mistaken idea. Just as any other product (wood, ceramics, cements, cars, aluminum, watches….) there is a large variety of qualities on the microcement world and obviously a large variety of prices.

A high quality product not necessarily ensures a high quality work, as even when is true that the product has to be a good product; the application has to be good also. 

The compendium of the elements ensures high quality works, aesthetics as well as service. 

Maybe because the crisis, abundance of companies and professionals (legal or not) offer the application of microcement using low quality products that in some cases are no even microcement, but simple cement finished with wax, making those applications way cheaper, but with really bad results . 

When the clients claim, they are told that that’s normal on microcement and as most of the people know the microcement via Internet and the is countless of false data on the Internet, the clients end up disillusioned and do not want to know anything else about microcement, when it the first place microcement was never applied. 

CimentArt, is a recognized brand and with years of experience on the area, that in addition to manufacturing high quality components, takes care of the application experts that use its products making sure they have received a training course with the goal of guarantee optimal results on their works.