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CEMPOOL CimentArt is a continuous coating without joints, with 3 mm, ideal for applying as interior coating of swimming pools, whether they are new construction or renovating old pools. With the application of this product you will achieve a unique sensation, due to the sand color and will create a spectacular turquoise green effect in the water.

The working method is simple: apply a layer of CEMPOOL CimentArt directly on the substrate and smooth it with AntiLeak CimentArt.

CEMPOOL CimentArt is a thin, 4-component, solvent-free coating. This mixture contains some waterproof additives that make our coating have an excellent hardness. It is totally waterproof both under direct and indirect water pressure and has great resistance to humidity and chemicals.

CEMPOOL CimentArt It can be applied inside swimming pools, on walls, stairs and floors and in general anywhere it contains water.

CEMPOOL CimentArt can be applied on all types of supports such as concrete, cement, tile, marble and glass mosaic.

It can be applied even with a certain degree of humidity on the substrate (concrete humidity <6%). Its application on ground floors or terraces is ideal to cut capillary moisture from the subsoil.


The finish of the micro-cement and the resolution of the screen may cause the colors shown to be different when applied.


  • Unique pools. Turquoise green water color.
  • Possibility of finishing the pool, regardless of its size, in 1 day.
  • Great resistance to chemicals (chlorine, salt, etc.)
  • Easier to clean algae and organisms by not having joints.
  • It does not retain heat, on pool edges or terraces you can walk barefoot in direct sunlight.
  • Without maintenance.

Our Guarantees

CimentArt declares that the products are guaranteed in the following situations, provided that the application standards are met and the technical sheets are followed exactly:

  • Non-cracking guarantee: our products never crack. If ever a crack is visible in our products, it will always be the surface where it is applied has cracked.
  • Adhesion guarantee: we guarantee that our products do not detach or peel from the surface where it is applied.
  • No discoloration guarantee. We guarantee that our products does not have discoloration or changes on its color, as time goes by, even if used in the outdoors. For outdoor applications we recommend using pale colors.

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 This guarantee does not covers cracking, peeling off or chipping of the surfaces caused by structural movements or building settlements, capillary humidity, floods or scratches on the surface.


The methods developed by CimentArt for the application of our microcement have not vary over the time.


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