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Taking care of the environment

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Taking care of the environment

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Cuidando del medioambiente

Taking care of the environment, knowing that the chemical industry is mostly the responsible of a large quantity of the existing environmental problem, Our CimentArt team has taken responsibility for this problem. 

As an example, we use and elaborate application methods CimentArt taking this in account. Therefore we are freeing the planet of approximately 700,000 kgs of waste of material, in a large part of the globe.  

As well as not releasing any kind of pollutant steam during its application, all of our products a water based and does not contain any chemical that damages our atmosphere.  

On our factory, we eliminate all the wastes generated on the manufacturing processes without releasing them to the atmosphere or the discharge of liquids. 

Aiming to materialize our commitment, the human team of CimentArt Microcement work every day to obtain a continuous environmental improvement preparing their facilities and operation procedures in accordance to the regulation ISO 9001:2008.